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Important Jain Shrines in Uttar Pradesh | Tempo Traveller on Hire

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Important Jain shrines in Uttar Pradesh:

We have tried to add information based on our own experiences/visiting following places providing tempo traveller rental services to our guests for Jain teerth Kshetra yatra starting from Varanasi , Uttar Pradesh.

* Kashi (Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh)

- Bhadaini Jain pilgrimage the birthplace of seventh tirthankar

- Bhelupura the birthplace of 23rd tirthankara

- Chandra Puri the birthplace of eighth tirthankar

* Ayodhya:(Uttar Pradesh)

- Ratanpuri

- Swargdwar

- Baksariya tola

- Ram kot mohalla

- Mohalla mondhiana

- Raiganj

* Kundalpur

* Prayagraj

- Koshambi

* Sharavasti

* Kampil - Farrukhabad

* Shauripur-Agra

- one of the most famous and magnificent cities of ancient India.

Shauripur used to cover the entire area from Hastinapur to Mathura city

* Mathura

Sri 1008 Jambu swami Digambar Jain sidha kshetra chaurasi

- Ramnagar Jain temple ( Ahicchatra)

* Prabhasgiri (pabhosa)

* Mahoba

* Hastinapur - Meerut

Above places are generally visited by our guests coming from Mumbai, Kolkata, Indore, Gujarat, Bengaluru , Delhi, and from accross the world.

If you know more about Jain shrines in Uttar Pradesh please do write in comment section.

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We are always there at your service 24*7.

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Call Mi Cab
Jul 13, 2023

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